Diploma WSET, started his career in the wine business 2003 with the company Degustar.

Working for importers and wine shops he soon started to hold tastings for wine consumers by training the senses to understand their own taste.

2011 he went to the Chinese market to find new challenges. Consulting wineries to start or increase business in China, an important part is to understand the taste and habits of Chinese consumers. Consulting wineries in China with respect to sensorial aspects, he got a deep insight view into the Chinese wine business and the resulting wines. As an educator for wine judging, his passion is to train wine lovers to find their personal taste.

His friends and client call him “Little Red Hat”.

2016 he founded the 1. Shanghai Chinese Wine Club sharing his wide knowledge about Chinese wine with professionals and wine lovers. Because of his independent way of educating and consulting, the Association of Independent Wine Experts received him as a member in 2017.

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