Independent Journalist for the two biggest Chinese medias Chinese Wine News, Wines Info.

Co-Founder Vinoria Wine Media & Education Shanghai, Consultant for Chines importers with focus on sensorial evaluation by PAR.

Wsana Woo started her career since 2008 in the wine business working for the Interwine fair in Guangzhou (China) organizing the VIP exhibitors from overseas.

During this period, she already opened her senses for the wines of the different countries she was in charge. Due to her skills in tasting and communicating with wineries around the world, she was contracted as director to build up a new wine import company in the south of China. In continuation a Shanghai company asked her to build up a wine brand for the Chinese market and base it on sensorial evaluations.

Since 2014 she is the CEO of Red Hat Degustar Shanghai.

2016 she co-founded Vinoria Wine Media & Education.
Consulting importers around China, she is involved on a daily base in the habits and taste of Chinese consumers all around the country. As judge of the Concours Mondial Bruxelles and the biggest competition for organic wine Bioweinpreis she is requested for evaluations around the world.

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